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Joshua 21:45 MSG

[45] Not one word failed from all the good words GOD spoke to the house of Israel. Everything came out right.

Hello GFFB Family! It has been a while since I posted anything on the blog. Between family responsibilities, business responsibilities, and church/leadership responsibilities, I have been busy. I don't know about you, but do you know that what you prayed and asked GOD for, he will bless you with, and you have to be ready to tackle what GOD has blessed you with. When I think about the goodness of GOD, and I want to keep on praising him because he has never failed me. I want to be in his presence every chance I get to say THANK YOU, GOD! Even through the disappointments and heartaches, GOD was faithful, and his plans and will for our life supersede anything we could ever go through. Our GOD is faithful to believe because he has never lost a battle, and he will not start with us.

I was scrolling through Instagram one day, and a person posted about the things in the world not being FULL PROOF. FULL PROOF was derived from the word foolproof, whose meaning is incapable of going wrong. FULL PROOF was formed when people meant to put foolproof but instead wrote FULL PROOF. The definition of FULL PROOF involves no risk or harm or never-failing. The definition of FULL is not lacking or committing anything. One definition of PROOF is can withstand something damaging; resistant. I got a new revelation that our GOD is FULL PROOF no matter what happens in the world or what the world says. The world can say that nothing is FULL PROOF, but we know as Christians (believers) that our GOD is FULL PROOF. We know who our GOD is! The world doesn't know our GOD like we know our GOD. We know our God to be our savior, deliverer, solid rock, strong tower, healer, provider, friend, comforter, keeper, and so much more.

We can withstand and overcome anything and everything because our GOD is FULL PROOF. Because of our covenant with GOD, we can resist whatever the enemy or world would try to throw our way. Being resistant means to be unaffected by something or someone. Just like a raincoat can be waterproof where it is unaffected by the rain. We should be just like that raincoat and be unaffected by what the enemy is telling us or trying to do to us and let the enemy and the world know who our GOD is and what we can do in Christ JESUS who strengths us. The world may not be FULL PROOF, but our GOD is! Our GOD has never failed us, and there is no risk in trusting our GOD. There is no danger when we give ourselves away to GOD and accept JESUS as our Lord and personal savior. There is no danger when we give everything that concerns us to our GOD. Our GOD has proven that he does wonder and that he is a promise keeper and a miracle worker. We believe whatever our GOD says! We believe in the promises of GOD! Therefore, we will not be hesitant in this new season of new beginnings to trust, believe, and give GOD everything we have in this season. GOD said it, so we believe it! GOD said it, so it will happen! GOD said we are the leaders and not the borrowers, so we are walking in debt freedom and will never be broke another day in our life. GOD said we are free, so we are free indeed! GOD said we are delivered, so we are delivered! GOD said we win, so this is our winning season! GOD said we are healed, so we are healed from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet, and we are healed resisting sickness. YOU CAN DO THIS! GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE! GOD WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU! GOD CREATED ON PURPOSE WITH A PURPOSE! GOD WILL NEVER FAIL YOU!

I am proof that God is a FULL PROOF, GOD! Everything God has promised me in his word has come to pass, and there is greater on the way! I'm Proof that God has never lost because my life could have easily gone in a different direction if it wasn't for God's goodness, grace, mercy, supernatural favor, and faithfulness. I want someone to remember that God is no respect of a person what he did for Moses, Caleb, Joshua, David, Abraham, Sarah, Job, and so many others, he can do it for you!

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